What is a timber crib retaining system?

A timber crib retaining system is a cellular mass-gravity retaining wall.

The finished structure’s inherent weight and collective mass allows it to retain the target material without being destabilized.

It is constructed using individual sections of interlocking pressure treated timber to form a framework which is then filled with aggregate during assembly to add weight and stability to the structure.


Why choose a timber crib system over other retaining methods?

When compared to other mass gravity retaining systems such as gabions, timber crib offers a number of key advantages:

  • Faster
  • Durable
  • More cost effective
  • Minimal site disruption during construction
  • More natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Requires no specialist equipment or machinery to install


What is the life expectancy of a timber crib system?

Depending on the application required, (and therefore the preservative chemicals used) timber crib is treated with a minimum certified design life from 15 to 60+ years.


What Timber is used?

Pressure treated Radiata pine is used because of its inherent ability to absorb preservative to a greater cellular depth than most other materials thus increasing the service life of the structure.


What is used to in-fill the crib as it is being constructed?

Clean graded stone from 50mm


Can my contractors construct a timber crib system themselves?

Yes – though as with all structures of its kind, experienced specialists will build a timber crib faster than un-skilled labour.


Can you offer timber crib design and technical support?

Yes – a full range of site survey and technical support services are available nationwide.


What is your order/delivery lead time?

Typically 2 weeks


Will you supply timber crib components only?

Yes – though this is normally combined with our site survey and design service to ensure appropriate use and accurate estimated material requirements.


Can you service national contracts?

Yes – we operate throughout the U.K


Are your products and services certified and insured?

Yes – our in house team of qualified charted surveyors and structural engineers offer the protection of full professional indemnity.

Our materials are covered by industry approved certification for chemical treatment and timber source sustainability.

Our contractors carry appropriate health and safety accreditation and are fully insured.



Latest News

TCRS announces national “turn-key” site service…

Timber Crib Retaining Systems has launched a uniquely flexible service that allows the client to pick and choose key requirements.

Survey, design, supply and installation are available as stand alone or combined options.

TCRS’s in house team of chartered surveyers andstructural engineers generate detailed drawings complete with calculations and integrated BOM from which an exact material order can be placed.

Crib componants will then be delivered to site with an option for full build using TCRS’s teams of experienced in house installation contractors.